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As you know hatta tour are popular among tourists and locals. Depending on their passion, people either choose the Hatta tour by private vehicles or by Bus. Once you pass the Oman highway Dubai, then the Hatta mountain tour will stand out in perfect contrast to the all-round desert landscape. There are many things to do in Hatta

Explore the Hajjar Mountains and traverse through olden dried up riverbeds to reach the cool rock pools. The pleasure of a dip in these natural freshwater pools beats a swim in man-made pools any day. The Hatta city itself is worthy of the examination. Besides the Hatta village more famed as the heritage village of Dubai. Which is an astonishing replica of an olden mountain village on a desert landscape in Dubai. This village was originally located at the mouth of a Dubai creek and was created by weavers and potters. As well as, the mud houses have been restored to their past glory, where travelers can even go on a tour aboard and professional divers show off their skills.Where Hatta Kayaking in the water dam will give you another level of fun and thrill