Digital Marketing

When someone wants to do or knowing about first he / she has to know about SEO tools. So, it's undoubtedly a very important question for beginners.
If you want to top rank of your website then you have to follow Google's algorithm. if you use SEO properly then easily rank on SERP. Search engine optimization is a too popular topic for all website owners. If they want good results in a short time then they can easily use it. But if you misuse of its then google gives you a great penalty. And you should be always your mind one thing that is when doing penalties, someone, it's a big tragedy. Because you can't move with this same page next time. So we should use SEO in a proper way.
For a beginner what are the best SEO tools? After hearing this question a lot of internet marketers will give you the look of emptiness. They don't consider what can be the best tools. But without considering what might be most useful for them.
If you ask any SEO expert, he / she is going to tell you that there's no fixed thing because of the best SEO tools for a beginner. It totally depends on your ultimate goals.
After that, we should know that for proper optimization of a search engine there are so many tools. From these tools some are paid & some free tools. You can use these by Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension.
For newcomers at this platform, I like to recommend employing a free program optimization tool. There are so many useful free tools. While these aren't technically SEO tools, they will certainly assist you to improve your website's ranking. you need the proper ways to use them for your profit.
Besides free tools, there are also some more useful tools. I also discuss these. At first, I am sharing some useful free tools first.